Hello, and welcome to Gioseppo, an international brand of footwear & accessories. What began as a family’s personal project has become a business reality that distributes to several continents and manufactures more than three million shoes each year.

The Gioseppo brand officially began in 1991. A Mediterranean brand influenced by our life by the sea. A brand in which we value the things that are done as a team, because they are more fun this way. A brand that makes life more colourful. And now we are bringing this Mediterranean lifestyle to Australian shores.


Our mission is to bring to the fashion footwear market attractive solutions with a casual, modern, irreverent, lively and accessible touch.


Our vision is to contribute to the world by bringing unique products of a high quality and attractive design, at an affordable price. We aim to bring positive emotions and experiences to our consumers, and to leave them with a positive impression of our brand.


We are Mediterranean. We are family. We are vitalist, restless and honest. We believe in people and in our solidarity. We are efficient and environmentally friendly, and we believe that sustainability and technology are the keys to build the future.


Since 2000, Gioseppo has been ISO 9001 certified by Bureau Veritas, which verifies the manufacturing quality control system for all our products and also performs periodic audits. To attain this certificate, we have focused on a continuous improvement process for quality and environmental management, exhaustive compliance with legislation and the optimisation of available resources by motivating and involving all the people and partners who form part of Gioseppo. Success cannot be attained by merely maximising financial profits. It also requires responsible and honest behaviour as a company.