Shoe Care Tips


Please note that Gioseppo shoes made from natural leather may display differences in shades and tones, and slight alterations in colour and appearance.

These are all natural tendencies of leather products, and reveal the authenticity of the product. They are not signs of faulty of flawed shoes.

All of the materials used in Gioseppo shoes are chosen for their high quality, and are tested prior to sale.


We recommend taking special care with delicate ornaments including beads, bows, sequins and tassels. Avoid rubbing them or handling them roughly, as this may damage your product.


Do not wash your sneakers in the washing machine. If they need to be washed, wash by hand using plenty of water.

Using a washing machine can cause products to fade and become damaged.


Avoid putting your bag into contact with water, as the materials used may deteriorate.

For raffia bags, it is recommended to avoid direct and prolonged exposure to the sun, as this can cause damage to the vegetal material.


To get the maximum duration out of your boots, clean them after use to remove any dirt. To do this, use cold water and soap, and leave them to dry naturally (do not apply any heat, including the sun).